Apr 2, 2014

Simply Paint - Gold to Pewter

I'm in LOVE . . . with this new spray paint my son found for us!!!
No, I don't get paid to say this - Wish I did!! 
YEAH, I'm like a spray pain freak - changing up all the old gold is really making a huge difference!!  this is just the beginning:

My client wasn't looking the gold so we used the antique pewter color.
 This mirror is absolutly gorgeous no matter what color it is - BUT
Look how stunning it turned out, changing it from the antique gold to this Antique Hammered Pewter!

We are changing out the entire living room from the antique gold/brass finishes
to this Antique Hammered Pewter finish!

And this little collection . . .
The small frames are actually plastic.
We lived with this gold washed whiteish for a bit, but it just wasn't popping out.
NOW look at the difference just changing the color! 

Mar 10, 2014

Staycation Spring 2014!

This week is spring break for our colleges here in sunny AZ!
That means for me too (yes, I'm back at college)
With all the stress and worry going on in my life, I decided that I needed to implement a
  For me that is doing things I have been wanting to do, but not finding or taking the time.
New projects
Unfinished projects

Sit by the pool
Finish stuff, new stuff, eat breakfast on the patio, long soaks in the tub, drive to scenic spots close by, check out new stores, window shop . . .
Read a good book
I have found that when I am overwhelmed with life, and feel like I have no control,
Hold a piglet
it is very therapeutic and healing for me to finish things, or just accomplish one complete "to do" I've been wanting to, and it gives me a sense of control that I'm lacking in areas where I have no control.
Make sense?

  It does work - so enjoy your week, I'm going to enjoy my
At the end of the week I'm going to make a post of all I did, and ideas for next time too!

Mar 9, 2014

Change is good - GREAT!!

I'm adding more categories, pages, or sections to my blog this week;
Here's the reason why:
When I first started my blog, I was so inspired and jealous to be honest, of all the DIY bloggers out there! I still am, don't get me wrong, 
BUT (yeah, not a bad but)
I have struggled with feeling so inadequate, overwhelmed, comparing, and discouraged with it all at the same time.  I love to DIY, have been a self proclaimed DIYer since I was a young girl.  My mom taught me how to "antique" my dresser when I was like 10; my grandmother taught me to sew with my first poncho for my "Beautiful Crissy" doll when I was 6; 
Point is, I love and have always been a DIYer on every level
(currently back in college to get my AS to be an RN & practice alternative health practices)
BUT, (yeah, here's the but again)
Life has put some major roadblocks in my life and that of my family.
I am and have been a single parent for over fifteen years! 

People say things, like, "what's wrong with you? Why haven't you been snapped up by a good guy?"

Well, I have had my share of love interests, however, (i'll cool it on the "but") my children have always come first, and with five children to raise, not much involved extended family, poverty level employment, it wasn't always the first thing I was thinking of.
My energies were focused on helping my children grow up to become happy, honest, members of society, but strong in their own individuality.
I'm rambling . . . I do that, but it's been several months since I've posted, and I have decided to make some changes to my blogging and blog.

I love my DIY projects, but fact of the matter is, I don't have time or money to do a project a week, hopefully one a month if I'm lucky!!
I have grown children whom I love with ALL of my heart!

They have made some great choices in their young lives, and a few have made some horribly destructive ones - ones that not only affect them, but those of us that love them.
Addiction, jail, prison, death, poverty, abuse, abandonment, judgment, bullying, neglect, homelessness, sorrow, pain, so many hurtful things we have endured, and still do to this minute,
We also have hope, faith, miracles, friendships, support, growing and most of all
I have decided that I NEED to blog about my passions, all of them!
Not just a sugar coated blog of the perfect house, perfect family, perfect life, blah blah blah!
REAL stuff!!  REAL DIY that is my stress relief, using what we have to bring some sort of comfort and beauty into our homes, recycling because there is no other option, and 

Recipes - affordable, yummy easy things to fix.
Inspiration - quotes, support, sharing of things that I think can help others in many ways.
Sewing - another stress reliever for me, and usable things and ways to help you give gifts, beautify your home, add to your wardrobe.
Home & Car care - My son, Shane is a genius (literally) and he has rebuilt many cars, without a male role model, just teaching himself and is our Handyman.
I practice yoga, aromatherapy, herbal relief, etc., anything I can find to help.
Health & Beauty - I delivered my first child 27 years ago at a birthing center with midwives, best deliver of my life!

I believe the Lord has given us many, many natural means and technology to improve, mend, and enrich our lives.  I'm learning more everyday and want to share.
ME - I'm a product of a hugely dysfunctional upbringing, but also one of high morals, strong work ethic, and eternal family bonds, and I want to share ME!
Good, bad and the ugly - I want to make you laugh, sometimes shed a tear, open your heart, learn boundaries, find your passions and even have somewhere to go and see that you are not alone and if I can PREVAIL in this life,

(I choose to use Prevail as opposed to survive.
I don't want to just survive, I want to rise to the top of my potential, my calling, my mission, whatever my "top" is!
Helping anyone else get there with themselves is just the greatest gift I can give.
When my time comes to leave this Earth, I want to be able to hope I have helped at least one soul find some comfort, hope and realize their eternal worth.
So, in conclusion, yeah, I ramble, I am updating my blog, adding these categories if you can call them that, so that I can have something to share on a more often basis and fulfill my own selfish desires too.
They say that a teacher usually ends up the the one that learns the most.
I thrive, grow and heal by knowing I am not alone in this life, so that's what I'm giving back here. . . 

God Bless and Hope you make you smile,
Mama T

Dec 10, 2013

Crazy Bug Creations - Handmade Bracelets

I have a very talented adult daughter, Mel (Melanie) who has gone through far too much for anyone her age.
She is an addict, struggling with sobriety and making her life good.
But she is pressing on, working towards improving her life and her daughter's.
She doesn't give herself enough credit, so I am!
(that's what Mama's are for, right?)
 Today, I am sharing her barcelets that she makes.  I am encouraging her to get selling her creations.
These can be made in about any color combinations.
$7.00 ea - email me for orders
Merry Christmas and God Bless

Nov 30, 2013

Power of Paint

In my little house, I have these plant shelf areas, I guess you call them,
in my living room.
 They are painted the same light sucking,  blah, brown that the long wall in my LR/Dining room was.

I quickly changed out the wall when we moved in http://www.junk2jewels-diy.blogspot.com/2013/06/from-drab-to-fab-just-beginning.htmland instead of participating in Black Friday, while watching Christmas movies on Netflix, 
 I dug out my oops paint, mixed up a color close to the same as the dining room wall, and FINALLY got one of the ledge areas done yesterday!  
What a difference a little paint does! 
It was a good day!
 Now the other side and it already brightens up the house!
Later, I updated my secretary unit - check it out - 

PS Never left the house that day, I'm ok with that! :)
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