Mar 19, 2015

Cheap Dresser turned Media Center

This dilapidated dresser has sat around my house, patio and garage for over a year.
Sorry for the poor photos, not sure what happened - they were taken a while ago with different camera. 

I FINALLY was ready to trash it as the drawers were in really bad shape, it's not well made, other than the frame, and my family said it was embarrassing!
Well, I don't have money to go and just buy what I really want . . . 
I decided to slap a coat of home made chalk paint on it!

It started looking SO pretty, that I decided it was worth it to fix the drawers that were fixable,
and use materials I already had to made shelves, and keep it.

My goal was that I was NOT going to have to spend any more money on it!

So with a little bit of TLC look how cute it is!!!

It's amazing how color can completely change the feel and look of something.

This piece felt gaudy, over-sized and just plain ugly
Now it is like a swan!!

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Feb 25, 2015

Garage update!

No, I haven't forgotten about my disaster of a garage!!
What was supposed to be a weekend, turned into a month,

Remember what I started with . . .

My Garage Before

But no bother - I am off to a great start!!

Here's some of my updates:
May not look like much, but it's great to me!!

First job was to de-clutter!
Then, get shelves organized by category and everything off the floor!

Then decided where to have pegboard.

I was able to buy one 8' x 4' board and had Home Depot cut it to my measurements, using no waste, and for $18!!!

Then I installed it all by my lonesome!
Yay Me!!
Charles Schultz

Freezer wall 1st After!

Looks pretty good for this ole' girl, dont'cha think???

 ( I used some 1x2 scrap pieces along the perimeter that I screwed the pegboard to, so that there is spaced BEHIND the board to put hooks into)
 I want to paint this board PINK (household/My Project supplies/tools & will label it later too)

I have started with the pegboard along the work bench wall - 

And this is the work in progress . . . 

It FEELS GREAT to get things in one central area and organized -
Can't wait to have it all done!!

Plus, it's gonna have some "pretty" touches - Oh Yeah, pretty colored pegboards, maybe some curtains over the shelves . . . That's one of the cool things about being an independent woman - 
It's my GIRL CAVE!!!  
Have fun all - See ya soon!!

Hugs & Smiles,

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Feb 17, 2015

Keepsake Pillow

A pillow made from a loved one's article of clothing, that has passed.
What s beautiful momento.

(Google Image)

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Mason jars Galore

What a pretty display of caning jars at my local grocery store!
Just had to share!
Something about colored glass makes me smile!

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Jan 29, 2015

Nightmare in Garage!!

Update: 2-17-15
Life got crazier, haven't had a chance to get back in there, soon! 
Will keep you posted! 

After being inspired from Pinterest for garage storage, 
I decided it's TIME for me to DO IT!!

Yeah, I know, it's a disaster!!
Can't believe I'm posting this for all the world to see!

But starting off right for the year,
 I knew I needed to get this garage under control!

For months, my son had his truck parked in here.
That took up the entire right side!

  So as soon as I got the space back I started purging the house and dumping it all in the garage.

(Isn't that what a garage is for? To store our "stuff")

Good thing I don't have a husband . . . wait! 
Could this be WHY I don't?  

Anyways . . . 
By the way, 
I have about 10 pcs. of furniture on my back patio that need to come in here! 

You can see, I had SOME organization in place, but need to make room for a workshop, a car, projects, & massive storage.

One of the issues I have to face here, living in AZ. is that I can not store my paints, glues, or anything that extreme heat can alter or damage, 
during summer in garage.

I have most of that stuff in my laundry closet (dang!)

So, I spent several hours in and out,
moving shelves around, 
purging, (you'd be proud of me, Peter Walsh!)
 planning, etc yesterday.

Finally I had to call it a night, and do homework.

Here's the garage this morning . . . 

I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm happy with the progress. . . 
I will go step by step as to what I did in the end . . .

Today, after Chemistry, I am buying some pegboard, hooks, and lumber.
My goal is to not spend more than $50 and be done by Friday.
I am leasing the house, so I want to be able to take whatever I build, or be willing to leave it for next renter. 

Day 2 coming . . . 

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Jan 25, 2015

Touching base . . .

Happy New Year!! 
I know I've kinda fallen off the blog wagon
and I have MISSED you all and all my projects.

Life happens, and it's not a bad thing, 
just having to prioritize and manage my time.

I'm almost finished with my Associates degree, which
has taken me 4+ years to accomplish.

Once it's done, I will have my AA and will have all my pre-req's for nursing completed!

In between all this, I work at my own business doing home care on weekends,
3 generations of family have moved back home with me for a while,
and of course I attempt to create, scavenge and blog!
These are my de-stressers, so I'm not giving them up,
just learning how to manage my time!!

Hope you all stay with me, and follow in my journey,
because I know many of you are wearing multiple hats in life, 
and if I can do this and accomplish even little successes,

I'm planning to revamp my whole blog, re-design, and re-structure my blogging life
come the new year 2015!
I want to spread my wings, share in many more different medias, and just keep moving forward!
I hope you will continue to follow me and PLEASE comment, email or keep in touch!!
Hugs and Smiles,
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