Sep 21, 2014

Publisher vs Photoshop

Learning Photoshop!

I have been revamping a cute little side table, 
and wanted a very nautical feel for the top.

Here's what I came up with:
Via: Publisher
But hey, I'm in college so why not use my training:
 And after a few lessons of Photoshop!

I can't WAIT to show you the finished product;
Here's a sneak peek!

images are copyrighted Theresa Allen, please feel free to use this for your personal or limited resale purpose.  

Sep 18, 2014

Marbling made Easy!

One of my friends has this gorgeous unique sculpture.

The display stand is basically some sort of pipe and was never finished.

 So, that's where I come in:

She has this beautiful marble and tile work in her entry that I decided use the white marble to coordinate with.

We wanted something pretty but not to take away from the sculpture itself.
So I decided to marble it, but to keep it as subtle as possible.


I used 3 colors of paint.

Brushed each color on in a diagonal direction randomly around the stand.

I did white first, then a tan, then the gray until the stand was completely covered.

All 3 colors are on and is covered
Now you want to blur, blend or soften the lines where each different color meets.

I used a couple different methods, I started with a wet sea sponge, and pounced the line edges. 
This worked great, but took long.

I then took a cheap short bristled brush, wet it slightly, and pounced it over the line edges.
This went faster and I liked it.
Now if you were doing a wall, a rag, sponge or brush used to soften and blend the edges of the different colors will work great - my surface on this stand is textured, like a popcorn ceiling of sort.
A rough texture 
I played with the colors, 
added more of one here, 
softened a little there,
Just whatever I felt needed adjustment.
You really can't mess this up!! 

 Finally, I got it the way I liked it!
Now time for some special effects:
I added a few splatters of my darkest color using a wet toothbrush and running my thumb across the bristles.
I used the actual marble in her foyer as my model for the veining.

To make the veins, I used a very thin artist's paint brush.
rolled it into the whte & grey paint, not really letting it mix, just having both colors on it. 
HERE's the tricky part:
Roll and turn the brush, 
shaking it like a tremor, 
as you drag it down along the surface.

You want your veins to be jagged, some fat, some skinny, joining at places, just random.
If you mess up, cover it up with paint and do it again.
Honest, you can't really mess up.
Nature makes the marble very random.

Then I took a step back, added a few pounces of a particular color where I felt it was missing, took my dry brush and lightly brushed over to make sure all my edges were blurred,

I think it looks a little better now, don't you?

 BEFORE                                                         DURING                                        More During


I had a house where I did this to my moldings in a bathroom, to match the marble around a tub.
Very economical way of bringing in some glamour.

Sep 16, 2014

DIY Home Spa treatment

I was sick all day yesterday and just flopped around the house, so this morning I decided I deserved a spa treatment!
8 Habits of Extremely Well Rested People

Now don't get too jealous,
You too can have your own home spa treatment!
Google image

 Ok, so maybe I'm sensationalizing a bit about mine.

Uh, you didn't think I would actually show myself in the tub, now did ya?! 
@Theresa Allen

Yup, this is my life!
Practical and Fun
Glamorous don't ya think?

Thank goodness for being able to borrow my stocked grandkid's bubble supply,
and take from my own essential oil resources,
I was able to created my own morning spa soak.

Now I must admit, I do have a stock of Epsom salt, essential oils, candles and even a pumice stone; ballin I know!! (as my kids say)!

I am going to make up some awesome gift baskets for Christmas with my own home made concoctions.

Until I actually perfect them, I've added a link of a search I did from
Pinterest (Dontcha love Pinterest?!)

Enjoy and I would LOVE to know your spa recipes/ideas!!

and from Google

Hugs & Smiles,

Sep 4, 2014

$25 Guest Bathroom makeover

I kept busy over Labor Day weekend.
First on my list was our guest bathroom which is a hideous greenish brown color!
BEFORE - When we moved it!! 
It is the bathroom my 19 year old daughter uses, 
and she requested a soft gray so she can accent with a teal, purple or whatever excites her.
As my usual frugal self, I went to my ooopps paints, found a blue gray
 (NOT what daughter wanted, very specific of that)
The only things I purchased for this bathroom was the shower curtain for
 $7 and the set of charcoal gray rugs for $9.00,
 I was pretty stoked.
This had the perfect colors for inspiration.

 After mixing in some black, brown and white, I got the perfect color.

Little asian stools used to put your towel while shower across from toliet $5 each from Goodwill

See the pretty rugs?!

 So for about $25, using the paint I had this bathroom looks completely refreshing and elegant.  
Now for more accessories!
 I am leasing, otherwise I would be changing that vanity and mirror !!

Sep 3, 2014

Change of Hue

Yup, I'm at it again!
CHANGING something in my house!
This was what it looked like when I moved in - very light sucking
If you remember, I had changed my living room and dining room accent wall from poop brown to a beachy blue and had to do it a couple times to get just the right blue.
I've liked it for a while

Well, I've been falling in love!
Yes, I know, can you believe it?!
With grays!

I am past all the browns and beige, no offense
but grays seem to go more with my blues and beach feel I want to create.

Can you see the very slight difference? The new shade is right up the middle 
Close up of a corner - the left is new shade, right is old shade

So, I took my previous left over ooops paint that I had created,
added a little white and black and came up with a little different hue of my previous blue.

THIS is the new shade - still blue, when depending on the lighting - has a more gray hue.
I love it!!
It has just a smidgen difference in the hue which is now more of a neutral, subdued blue 
and when bright light is on it, it's still blue.

It's pretty cool how just tweaking a color just a bit can give you a different feel.

(Wait till you see what I did to the guest bathroom)

Aug 26, 2014

Project Gallery Finally

When I think about it,
I've been DIYing almost all my life.
As early as 8, My G'ma was teaching me to sew and cook.
Only until a few years ago did I discover the wonderful world of blogging!
So now I'm trying to keep up with all I do and blog it for you.

Even though I have had my blog up for a bit,
I haven't really been able to dedicate as much time as I wish.
But I'm getting there . . . 
I'm a single mom (g'ma too), back at college full time, own my own home care business
and find alot of joy in DIY-ing and always
my family!
So working on updating my blog to be pleasing and interesting.
I have created and had to learn about blogging by myself.
So yeah, patting myself on the back.
I get so inspired and sometimes envious of so many great blogs and bloggers
out there, but I have to remember to just keep my pace,
Keep my priorities in line and move forward every day!

So here's to my new page where I will list all my projects:

Would REALLY love to have you follow me via Facebook, Pintrrest, Google, email etc.
I really do have a lot to share - just haven't had a lot of self confidence or faith in myself,
but that's changing!
Honored to be a part of this wonderful world of bloggers who are kind, sharing and fun!

Welcome to my Junk Pile!

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Ever since I can remember, I have loved old, distressed, things, and saw the beauty in them. I love to fix, re-purpose, paint, sew, garden, create, whether it's decor, crafts, clothing or food. I have started this blog to share my adventures. Hope you get inspired and make your own Jewels! Hugs & Smiles, Theresa