Nov 19, 2013

Zero budget Entry upgrade - Yes, you heard me right!

My entry:      BORING!
Budget:         0  - nadda, Zero, that's right, no money for this.
Plan:             Use whatever I had already and make it cottage, beachy, welcoming!
Results:        AWESOME!!!

   I seriously was getting so depressed with my uninviting entry.
I have seen a ton of board and batten walls, like you, so I'll just give you the basics of what I did, so as to not be redundant, but I did do it my own way.

Like most of you out there who "collect" ooops paint, and supplies for other projects,
I had everything I needed, and if not, I figured I didn't need it!

So, with a little inspiration, caffeine, ooops paint experimenting, and gumption,
I brought the beachy cottage feel into my entry!

Want to mention, not to be vain or anything, but want others like me, a single Mom, G'ma, full time student, work weekends, and live a very frugal, independent life, I don't have  a handsome hubby, or partner to help me, so I have to read, learn, and experiment and trial and error, but it feels good to step back and see what I get to accomplish!
so anyhoo. . . 

I already had the lath strips,
and decided they were the perfect height, 
(was too lazy to measure and cut)
I had the 1"x2"s which are the caps, and supports if I decide to put up a narrow shelf.
(those I had to cut.  Yay me, no harm done!)
I finally got to use my new cheap ($20 Harbor Freight) electric staple gun, which does brads too, and went to work.

I started on one end, and measured 12 inches which is the starting edge of each piece.
I rested the boards on top of the baseboards, that way, I didn't have to replace it.  The lath is the perfect depth and is flush with the baseboards.
(Gosh, being lazy was paying off)
Then just had to screw in the 1"x2"
Then I used my finishing sander, and quickly sanded some of the roughness.
(all of 5 minutes maybe, as I wanted the lath kept rough)
I actually wanted to keep it a little rustic and barn wood looking.
I used caulking, yup, had that too, and caulked all along the boards.

I know 90% of most walls done like this are WHITE.
Not mine! 

Of course once I had the walls this pretty blue, I HAD to do the door!!

I even gave all the baseboards, trim and molding a fresh coat of white!
EVERYTHING I had used to do these walls were supplies I already had for other projects.
Even if I had purchased the supplies, I figure maybe $20 - 
Lath is cheap, because it's what they use for lattice, it's rough, and hard to find straight pieces.
But it's working for me.

Now it will feel cheerful to walk in the house!
Hugs, Theresa
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  1. Very nice!! I think its great to be resourceful and use what you have..brings out creativity!

    1. Thank you Selene! I get great satisfactions with using what I have too! Hugs!


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